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Frequently Asked Questions

Please let me know if you cannot find the answer to your question in here. That way, I can add it here for others in the future! 


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1. Why Cross Health Wellness?

My passion is to help people figure out what their goals are and how to achieve them if they have the intense desire to put the work in. I'll go above and beyond to be there for you as my client in getting you to achieve your goals. Coaching in this way is designed to help guide clients to success using proven strategies. Cross health wellness is unique in its approach as it incorporates multiple aspects of life and wellness into each session. Unfortunately many care providers are overwhelmed with numerous clients and often only offer antiquated techniques, uniplanar advice/care, and disengaged communication. I purposefully limit the number of clients I see so I can give them all of my energy and attention. I've worked for thousands of hours providing 1-on-1 care as a physical therapist since 2019 and have figured out who will benefit from my services best. 

2. How do I justify the cost?

The last thing I want to do is waste anyone's time or money; that would also be a waste of my time. My schedule is tight both in and out of work. Therefore I only work with highly motivated individuals who want to live their best life possible and achieve their goals in doing so. That's why I offer a free discovery call to figure out what you need and how I can help you best. You'll also find out if working with me is the right decision for you! 

3. What are sessions like?

 Each session typically lasts an hour and is highly personalized based on client needs. Time is taken at first to reflect on exactly what each client’s goals are and why they are important to them. If there are barriers preventing client success, more time will be taken to discuss daily routine and identify potential modifications of unproductive activities or reinforcement of positive habits. These ideas will be reinforced throughout sessions, and once the foundation is established you will then work on intermediate goals on a weekly basis to ensure trajectory. I tend to start with some initial fitness tests and retest once a month to track progress. There's nothing more motivating than seeing the progress yourself! Advice and resources will be offered depending on needs. 

4. If I buy a bundle of sessions, how does scheduling work?

You have all the flexibility you desire as long as sessions are scheduled ahead of time with me. Although it is recommended to schedule once every 1-2 weeks for consistency and time to achieve progress on goals to make sure you get the most out of each session, you can schedule a multi-hour appointment as well. I'll give you my recommendation during the discovery call. Plus, we can always change the schedule as we progress.

5. Can I use my Insurance?

At this time we only accept cash, check, or venmo for payment. This allows for immediate care and total flexibility with how we spend the time in our sessions. Insurances often limits typical PT sessions to only focus on one body part at a time, and may affect the duration/techniques used within our sessions due to antiquated guidelines insurance companies use to justify care. This lets me focus more time on you as patients and less time arguing with insurance companies why they should reimburse our services!

6. What is the late and cancellation policy?

If you are more than 20 minutes late to an appointment without follow up, it will result in a no-show and a forfeit of the session. You can pay half price to schedule a makeup appointment for that week. 
We request a 48 hour advance notice before canceling an appointment, however you may reschedule an appointment within the week without penalty within 48 hours of the appointment.

7. How does Confidentiality work?

The nature of wellness coaching relationships is very personal and requires trust. I'll make notes throughout the session either handwritten or electronically on a google doc and will be sure to keep all documents strictly confidential especially if requested. This is vitally important because complete trust and understanding will ensure the best outcomes. The only time this may be breached is if a client gives a reasonable suspicion of harming his/her/themself or others, as is required by law.

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