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Meet Kyle

Licensed Physical Therapist + Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Kyle has been working as a Physical Therapist since graduating in 2019 with experience treating patients virtually via telehealth. He incorporates the knowledge he has gained into his treatment programs not only from the doctorate of physical therapy program he graduated from, but also his continuing education encompassing multiple domains of health. Most recently he earned a certification in strength and conditioning recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in order to bolster his knowledge of higher level performance.


In 2022 he realized that his greatest passion is working closely with others to become the best version of themselves as he spent the first years of the pandemic reflecting on what that really looks like for himself. Cross Health Wellness is his way of providing this service outside of the clinical healthcare model as a wellness coach in addition to a physical therapist to help individuals early in their careers prioritize their health for the years to come. 

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The Healthy Living Mindset

What makes Cross Health Wellness unique and effective is Kyle’s multi-faceted approach to helping his clients achieve their goals across the major domains of health: not only physical, but also intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional. Most of us have an idea of what a healthy lifestyle may look like, but how do we actually implement these components into our daily routine? Why do so many people still feel unwell despite having the desire and knowledge to improve their wellness?


Kyle is all too familiar with the struggle to maintain one's health during a tumultuous time such as beginning a new career after graduation. This is likely accompanied with moving to a new location and makes it difficult to prioritize health effectively. Kyle offers valuable insight on how to accomplish this at the most personalized level as he continues to work on this himself. Nobody is perfect, and Kyle recognizes the value of striving towards betterment versus perfection as we combat the roadblocks in life that prevent us from realizing our best selves.

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